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Climate Leadership
Conference 2024

Presented by students at Harvard University
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Conference Tracks

The Climate Leadership Conference 2024, presented by the students at Harvard University, unites leaders, scholars, and innovators worldwide to address climate challenges. Through discussions and initiatives, it aims to drive solutions and inspire commitment to environmental stewardship. Join us for impactful conversations and contribute to building a resilient, sustainable future at this influential conference.

Innovation track

Tackling the escalating climate crisis would require advances in climate technology. The adoption and scaling of these technologies will be pivotal to not only help overcome climate change but also make our economies grow. Bridging the gap between innovation and impact will be crucial for us to reach our targets of net zero emissions.

Humans Solutions track

When it comes to climate action, the Human Solutions track emphasizes the intersection of the arts, philosophy, and activism. At the heart of what we do, we bring climate perspectives others normally would not have or think of—cultivating climate leadership for a just future.

Governance Track

The Governance Track offers a strategic platform at the forefront of the climate discourse, spotlighting the pivotal role of public policies and decision-making processes in addressing environmental challenges. Through four thought-provoking panels, we navigate key topics including Waste Reduction and Climate, Development Financing for Adaptive Climate Solutions, Oceans Governance encompassing the Plastic Treaty, and the intricacies of Critical Mineral Supply Chains. Our discussions delve into the intersection of governance and sustainability, analyzing pathways for effective action and collaboration across sectors. Join the Governance Track to explore how governmental initiatives shape our interactions with the environment and pave the way for a more resilient future.

Previous  Speakers

Prominent climate experts, decision-makers from various industries, government officials, and leaders of civil society organizations convened to discuss the latest scientific findings, sustainable practices, policy initiatives, and grassroots efforts aimed at addressing climate change.

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Powered by the collective expertise and dedication of our partners, we are driving forward an eco-revolution, fostering leadership, and igniting impactful change for a sustainable tomorrow.

Climate Leadership Conference at Harvard 2024

At the Climate Leadership Conference 2024, we are convening global thought leaders to spark transformative conversations and catalyze actionable solutions towards a greener, more equitable world.