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Climate Leadership Conference 2024

Who We Are

At this pivotal juncture in our collective efforts toward climate action, the role of emerging climate leaders is paramount in shaping our future trajectory. Climate change presents a challenge that spans generations, underscoring the imperative of equipping the youth with the requisite skills and knowledge to address it effectively. Investing in the innovative spirit and creative energy of emerging leaders necessitates collaborative efforts and cross-generational networks of support, transcending geographical boundaries and fostering multi-sector partnerships. Our mission at the Climate Leadership Conference, presented by the students at Harvard University, is to provide a dynamic platform that brings together students and decision-makers from diverse sectors—including industry, government, and civil society—to nurture the next generation of climate leadership. Join us at the second edition of Climate Leader Conference which is a student-led forum dedicated to collaboration and the cultivation of emerging leadership in this rapidly evolving landscape.”


Inspiring Leaders

Harnessing the influential platform of the Climate Leadership Conference at Harvard, we inspire leaders worldwide to champion bold climate action, driving a paradigm shift towards sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Igniting Change

Through dynamic discourse and innovative initiatives, we ignite a spark of transformation, empowering individuals and organizations to catalyze tangible solutions and drive meaningful progress in the global fight against climate change.

Shaping an Eco-Revolution

Our conference serves as a catalyst for an eco-revolution, challenging norms and fostering a collective commitment to a sustainable future. Together, we shape a movement that revolutionizes our relationship with the environment, paving the way for a greener, more resilient world.


  • Stirling Haig

    Conference Co-Chair

    MPP/JD, Harvard Kennedy School and Georgetown University

  • Karan Takhar

    Conference Co-Chair

    Dual MBA/MPP Candidate, Wharton Business School and Harvard Kennedy School

  • Peter Huette

    Conference Co-Chair

    Harvard Kennedy School

  • Siddharth Gulati

    Operations Chair

    MPP, Harvard Kennedy School

  • Afomia Hunde

    Co-Chair, Emerging Leadership

    MArch ll, Harvard Graduate School of Design

  • Rafael Monge

    Co-Chair, Governance

    MC-MPA, Harvard Kennedy School

  • Vibhi Dixit

    Communications Chair

    MPP, Harvard Kennedy School

  • Jyoti Sharma

    Finance and Marketing Chair

    MPA, Harvard Kennedy School

  • Manali Jain

    Co-Chair, Innovation

    MPP, Harvard Kennedy School

  • Joel Rodriguez

    Co-Chair, Human Solutions

    ALB/ALM, Harvard Extension School

Panel Moderators

  • Dennis Cha

    Panel Moderator

    MS/MBA Candidate, Harvard Business School & SEAS

  • Anna Eckhoff

    Innovation Panel Moderator

    MPA, Harvard Kennedy School

  • Caleb Cunningham

    Innovation Panel Moderator

    MPA/MBA Candidate, Harvard Kennedy School + Stanford Graduate School of Business

  • Helen Cashman

    Human Solutions Panel Moderator

    MPP/MBA Candidate, Harvard Kennedy School + Stanford Graduate School of Business

  • Avantika Mathur

    Governance Panel Moderator

    MPA 2023, HKS

  • Ale Martin Rodriguez

    Governance Panel Moderator

    MPP, HKS

  • Yasmina O'Sullivan

    Innovation Panel Moderator

    MPP, Harvard Kennedy School

  • Vidya Viswanathan

    Human Solutions Panel Moderator

    MC-MPA, Harvard Kennedy School

  • Charlie Pozniak

    Governance Panel Moderator

    MPP, Harvard Kennedy School

  • Femi Olamijulo

    Governance Panel Moderator

    MUP/MPP Candidate, Harvard Graduate School of Design and Harvard Kennedy School of Government

  • Kyle Saisakorn Sandberg

    Human Solutions Panel Moderator

    MDiv, Harvard Divinity School